Wear and Tear vs Damages

Security deposit s can be used to repair damage for which the tenant is responsible. But the landlord cannot apply the security deposit to normal wear and tear. The question is: What’s the difference?

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Wear and Tear Damages
Worn out keys Lost keys
Loose or stubborn door lock Broken or missing locks
Worn and dirty carpeting Torn, stained, or burned carpeting
Carpet seam unglued Rust or oil stains on carpet
Linoleum worn thin Linoleum with tears or holes
Scuffed up wood floors Badly scratched or gouged wood floors
Worn countertop Burns and cuts in countertop
Plaster cracks from setting Holes in walls from kids or carelessness
Faded, chipped or cracked paint Unapproved tenant paint job
Loose wallpaper Ripped or marked-up wallpaper
Faded curtains and drapes Torn or missing curtains and drapes
Heat blistered blinds Blinds with bent slats
Dirty window or door screens Torn or missing screens
Sticky window Broken window
Loose or inoperable faucet Broken or missing faucet handle
Toilet runs or wobbles Broken toilet seat or tank top
Closet bi-fold door off track Damaged or missing bi-fold door



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